Summer Courses

Summer 2024

June: (A1) 02/06/’24 – 15/06/2024

June: (A2) 16/06/’24 – 29/06/2024

1st & 2nd Year Students

July: (B1) 30/06/’24 – 13/07/2024

July: (B2) 14/07/’24 – 27/07/2024

1ú- 2ú bl / 3ú- 5ú bl (Age 12 - 18)

Aug: (C1) 28/07/’24 – 10/08/2024

1ú- 2ú bl / 3ú- 5ú bl (12 – 18 years)

Pre-Leaving Cert Course

  • Mock Oral Interview
  • Aural Comprehension
  • Particular emphasis in class on conversation for the Oral Exam
  • Essay Content - vocabulary, idioms, grammar

Junior Cycle Course

  • Pre Junior Cycle Course for 1st and 2nd year students
  • Conversation and Oral Language
  • Presentations, Debates
  • Comprehension

Primary School Student Course

  • Pre second Level 6th Class
  • Basic Irish course with emphasis on basic idioms and conversational sentences
  • Preparation for transition to second level


Our policy in Coláiste Chiaráin is to run our courses solely through the medium of Irish so that the students leave the college very well versed in the language and confident in their ability to express themselves.

Daily Program

10:00 – 13:15: 3 Formal Classes.

13:15 –  14:15: Lunch in the college provided by Bean an Tí

14:15 –  16:30: Outdoor Games, Competitions, Beach & Watersports

16:30 – 19:15: Bean an Tí - Dinnéar

19:30 – 21:15: Céilí, sketches, sing songs, inter-house competitions, Dioscó Gaelach, fancy dress & many more interesting and fun activities.

A typical day at Coláiste Chiaráin

A typical day is busy and fun. The students wake in their houses where they will have breakfast prepared by the Bean/Fear an Tí. They will then either walk/get a bus to the college with the rest of their housemates. They will begin classes at 10 am.

Classes focus on oral language development. The students can expect to cover the main topics that are assessed in the Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate examinations. Classes are interactive with an emphasis on speaking and listening skills as we aim to improve their conversational Irish.

Photo 30-07-2020, 18 18 25

In the afternoon the students enjoy sporting activities. We are lucky to be based by the sea and therefore can organise a variety of water sports. The students can expect to participate in kayaking, snorkeling and swimming. Of course An Cheathrú Rua has a strong culture of GAA and again there will be opportunities to play football and hurling. We have special guests in from time to time to help with training. If sport isn’t your thing; do not fear! Our students also participate in Zumba, aerobics classes, cycling, hiking, drama and art based activities!

Photo 30-07-2020, 18 16 42

Each evening the college hosts a céilí. The students will learn traditional céilí dances. There is a theme each night and the students love to dress up and show their creativity! Each house also prepares for a talent show; a competition amongst the students where they incorporate aspects of drama, music and dance!

Each day is different and certain days will bring changes to the timetable. We cannot wait to make some new memories with our future students. Looking forward to welcoming you to Coláiste Chiaráin!


All guest houses are approved by Roinn na Gaeltachta. Irish is the spoken language of the guest houses and the Fear/Bean an Tí will always encourage the speaking of Irish by her/his students.

Cinnirí Tí

We support returning secondary students who have shown a keen interest in the Irish language having attended Coláiste Chiaráin previously. They are normally in the senior cycle at school. There is a Cinnire Tí in each house to encourage students to speak Irish.

Pocket Money

Students can bring an ATM card with them for small purchases in the local shop and for spending money on any tours. The card can also be used to pay for a visit to the doctor in the event that this is necessary during the course.

Medical Illness & Allergies

A doctor is always on call. The cost of attendance is borne by the student or their parents. Parents are requested to inform the college of any recurring illness during booking (e.g. asthma, bed wetting, allergies etc…). Medical report can be obtained by emailing the college at We can then send you a link to an online form. Relevant information will be passed on to the Bean an Tí.

Information Meeting

Information meetings are arranged prior to the courses for students who are attending the college for the first time. They are organised normally during the month of May. Centres are arranged in locations most convenient to parents throughout the country. A parent or guardian must attend these meetings with the students. The students will be interviewed in order to assess their current level of Irish and to enable them to ask any questions they have in advance of travelling to An Cheathrú Rua. It is also a chance for parents to address any particular concerns they might have. This year (for 2023) the parents meeting will happen online and students will fill out a questionnaire about their level of Irish to assist us in organising classes.