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On the day of arrival/departure what time should students be dropped off/picked up from the college?

For students traveling privately please organise to drop students to the guesthouse between 5.30 – 7.00p.m. On the day the students are travelling home please arrange for them to be collected from the guesthouse between 7.30 – 9.30a.m.

On the day of arrival is there an adult on the train from Dublin to Galway looking after the students?

Yes there are 2 teachers that meet the students at Heuston station and travel down with them on the train to Galway

What time can parents arrive on the Sunday if taking students out for the day?

We invite parents and relatives to visit the Coláiste on Sundays:  11. 30 – 7.30 p.m., if they wish to take out students. Parents can collect students from the College between 11.30 – 1.00, with permission from the Principal Teacher. Taking out any other students:  You will need to have written permission from their parents with you.

Please refer to terms and conditions here

Where does the train stop on the way down from Dublin?

Normally Kildare, Portarlington, Tullamore, Clara, Athlone and Galway


Do students get accommodation with their friends?

When the application was submitted you were able to list 2 friends to be accommodated with. This needs to be reciprocated by all parties. If there are any changes to this please contact us and this will be taken into account up to 6 weeks before start of the course. After this point it cannot be guaranteed.

When will students be notified what house they are going to be staying in?

About 2-3 weeks prior to start of the course.

Are similar age groups housed together with the Bean An Tí?

Yes as much as possible. In June courses most students are first and second years so all similar age anyway.

If a group of 3 are together in the same house, will they be sharing the same room in the house ?

This depends on the bean an tí and can be discussed at the house upon arrival.

Can we provide some food for them to bring and give to Ban an Ti (esp for allergies/intolerances)?

Yes you can.

Can we contact the bean an tí before they go to explain about allergies?

A medical form will be shared with parents and filled in by those that have necessary medical details to share. This will be shared with the bean an tí, the curam scoláirí and príomh oide. If parents need and want to contact the bean an tí directly then yes this can be organised for the week or 2 before they arrive.

What time is lights out at night time ?

Lights out is normally between 11:00pm and 11:30 pm.

Is there usually a cinnire in the house with them?

No. The guesthouses are checked each evening by a teacher and they have a discussion with the bean an tí on the general status of things in the house at the point.

Do all staff and bean an tí and their families have garda clearance?

Yes vetting has been carried out on all staff and guesthouse members.

Do they need to bring a lunch box with them to bring their lunch into college?

It is not necessary but if there is a preference to do this that is OK also.

How many students per house?

This varies from 8 – 16 depending on the guest house.

Does the bean an ti speak as gaeilge at all times?

Yes Irish is spoken in the guest house at all times by all members of the family.

Are there girls and boys in the same house?



How do I pay the €60 for the tours?

An invoice will be sent to parents 2-3 weeks prior to course starting for tours to be paid.

Is the tour cost €60 each or €60 in total?

€60 in total.

If the child is there for a second time and doesn’t want to go on the Aran island tour is there an opt out option?

There is no opt out from the Aran Islands tour.


Is a kindle for reading at night classified as a banned tech device?

If the kindle can be online and have access to messaging, internet or social media then this is classified as a banned technical device. If it is not and books are download via USB for example then this is OK.


What time do the céilí finish and will they be brought back to Bean an Tí?

Evening events finish around 9pm. There are busses to bring the students back to their accommodation for most houses unless they are within easy walking distance to the college.

Do they need to bring copies / pens etc.?

Yes please bring stationary for the classes.

Is it often a student suffers badly from home sickness what happens?

This rarely happens beyond the first 3 days of the course starting as students get to know on another and make new friends. If there is a student that is homesick then they will liase with the bean an tí and the cúram scoláirí. They will work together to encourage the student to participate and overcome their homesickness. If in the rare event this does not happen by the end of the first week and the student is still homesick then the best option is for parents to come to bring them home.

Is vaping allowed at any time?

Vaping is not permitted at any point, anywhere during the students stay in Coláiste Chiaráin.  Please refer to https://www.colaistechiarain.ie/terms-conditions/

When it rains is it possible to dry clothes, shoes, etc?

Normally the bean an tí will facilitate this.

Is there a recording of the zoom information session.

No - all information is available on the website or you can submit a question here if you cannot find the answer.