Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

( i.e. rules and guide for parents & students )

The aim of the college is to learn Irish in a relaxed and fun atmosphere however to enable this to be achieved there are rules that need to adhered to for the safety and benefit of all. Students & Parents are requested to read the terms and conditions of the college prior to payment of the booking deposit.


The college maintain that IRISH ONLY is to be spoken during your stay at Coláiste Chiaráin. Students to use Gaeilge in all conversations including private and personal conversations with their fellow students during the course. A sincere effort by all students is expected.

Help, encouragement and support in the form of a rewards system has proved very effective in recent years in motivating students to speak Irish. If a student is found to speak English, a disciplinary process is activated which aims to raise student awareness about the choices they are making. Parents will be made aware if their son or daughter has been making little effort to abide by Riail na Gaeilge. Students will be guided to reflect on their behaviour. If a student continues to refuse to speak Irish notwithstanding all the encouragement and counsel offered, the principal will ultimately have no choice but to send that student home as they deprive other students of the opportunity of benefitting fully from their time on the course.

Prohibited Substances

Smoking and possession of alcohol or drugs is prohibited at all times during your stay at Coláiste Chiaráin.


Students may not enter a public house, purchase or consume alcohol during their stay at Coláiste Chiaráin.


Smoking is prohibited everywhere and at all times during your stay at Coláiste Chiaráin.

Dangerous Objects

In the interest of students’ health and safety, dangerous objects of any kind will be confiscated and the offending student sent home immediately.


Bullying between students will not be tolerated nor will foul language. Bullying or misbehavior will mean expulsion.

All instances of suspected bullying will be fully investigated by the principal and teachers and the directors of the course will be informed. Parents will be informed of what events have transpired and what steps have been taken, in line with the College Anti-Bullying Policy.  A  student found to have engaged in bullying behaviour of any sort will be sent home, and it will be the responsibility of the parents to arrange collection of that student from An Cheathrú Rua. The college will assist in any way possible but a student found guilty of bullying will leave the college immediately once that decision has been taken by the principal and approved by the Directors.


Change of hairstyle/colour or piercing is strictly forbidden during your stay at Coláiste Chiaráin.

Theft and Vandalism

Students will be charged for stealing or damage to others property, equipment or belongings and will be expelled from the College immediately.


Serious company keeping or any kind of inappropriate relationship between students is forbidden. Students must abide by the college rules. The curfew must be observed each night, as directed by the principal or vice principal and any student who leaves the Teach Lóistín after curfew any night for any reason will be suspended or expelled. At all other times during the day student are not free to make arrangements to meet each other outside of organised college activities.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are allowed for contact between students and home only Wednesday and Friday between 10.00 – 11.00 p.m and Sunday morning between 9.30 and 10.30. (From guesthouse only). Phones to be labelled with name and mobile number and left with the ‘Bean an Tí’ except as above. No contact by phone or text messaging is allowed between students and others in the College or in the area. Possession of a second mobile phone, by any student in the college, will be punishable by expulsion.


We invite parents and relatives to visit the Coláiste on Sundays:  11. 30 – 7.30 p.m., if they wish to take out students. Parents can collect students from the College between 11.30 – 12.30, with permission from the Principal Teacher. Taking out any other students:  You will need to have written permission from their parents with you. Visits on any other day of the week:  Only in exceptional circumstances as this interferes with organised activities.

Applications & Enrollment

Cancellation & Refunds

The balance of the course fee is payable 6 weeks prior to the course start date.

In the event that a student needs to cancel their place written notice is requested 6 weeks prior to the start date of the course. A refund less an administration fee of €60 shall be issued.

If a student needs to cancel their place inside of 6 weeks prior to the start date of the course, due to medical reasons ( including covid-19 related), a full refund less an administration fee of €60 shall be issued upon receipt of a medical report.

If a student does not pay the balance in the timeframe requested their deposit shall be forfeited and their place shall be opened up to students on the waiting list.

If the college needs to cancel the course due to government Covid-19 restrictions or any other reason that is outside of our control, the student will first be offered to rebook their place on an alternative course at a later date. If this is not suitable then a refund less an administration fee of €60 shall be issued.

If the college needs to reduce numbers due to government Covid-19 restrictions then the places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Those that are outside of the allocated numbers will first be offered to rebook their place on an alternative course at a later date. If this is not suitable then a refund less an administration fee of €60 shall be issued.

No refund is available for anyone leaving the course early.

Photography / Digital Images

Teachers and cuntóirí will take photographs of students engaged in activities and events throughout the course.  Photographs/digital images may be published on our website, social media or printed publications.  If you do not want your images used in this way then please contact the college and we will remove those images from these locations.

Guest Houses

All students must return to the guest houses by 10pm each night. All guest houses are approved by Roinn na Gaeltachta.  Irish is the spoken language of all our guesthouses and the Bean an Tí will always insist on the speaking of Irish  by her students.

Medical Illness / Allergies

A doctor is always on call. The cost of attendance is borne by the student or their parents. Parents are requested to inform the college of any recurring illness during booking (e.g. asthma, bed wetting, allergies etc…). Medical report from can be downloaded from the website and attached with your application form.

Outside Activities

Students are not allowed to go fishing, swimming or partake in other activities outside the college program without written permission from their parent/guardian and the college principal.


Pocket Money / College Bank
Students are expected to lodge their pocket money in the College Bank, where money will be safely kept and can be withdrawn each day as needed.  Money can be lodged in advance into this account and during the course.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner throughout their stay in Coláiste Chiaráin. Misbehaviour towards staff, including the principal and vice principal, teachers and cúntóirí will not be tolerated and may lead to suspension or expulsion. Misbehaviour in the guesthouse and towards Bean an Tí is not acceptable and may also lead to suspension or expulsion. Any instances of misbehaviour will be fully investigated by the principal, and the Directors informed. Students must abide by the rules whether in the classroom, engaged in sporting and cultural activities, in the guesthouse or travelling to and from the College (walking or bus).

Co operation
It is very important to be co-operative with the Bean a’Tí, the cúntóirí and the College staff. Misbehaviour, verbal or physical intimidation, intentional or otherwise will not be tolerated.

Failure to comply will warrant expulsion.

N.B.    No reimbursement of fees is permitted and no exceptions will be made.