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Information For Students

Important Information For Students.        


Rules:  Students are requested to pay attention to the rules in the College and in particular:

  • ¬ Gaeilge:  IRISH ONLY to be spoken during your stay at Coláiste Chiaráin, in the guesthouse, at the beach, walking etc.
  • ¬ Alcohol:  Students may not enter a public house or consume alcohol.
  • ¬ Smoking:  Smoking is prohibited everywhere while in An Cheathrú Rua.
  • ¬ College Badge:  Students are requested to wear the Coláiste Chiaráin Badge always.
  • ¬ Bean a’ Tí:  It is very important to be co-operative with the Bean a’Tí, the cúntóirí and the College staff.
  • ¬ Bullying:  Bullying between students will not be tolerated nor will foul language.
  • ¬ Hairstyle:  Change of hairstyle/colour or piercing is strictly forbidden during your stay at Coláiste Chiaráin.
  • ¬ Never allowed:  In the interest of student health and safety, glue type substances and aerosols (including deodorants) are forbidden and will be confiscated. The same applies to knives, blades and other dangerous objects.
  • ¬ Theft and Vandalism:  Students will be charged for stealing or damage to others property, equipment or belongings and will be expelled from the College immediately.

Failure to comply with the above  or the general rules in the College will warrant expulsion. 

N.B.    No reimbursement of fees is permitted and no exceptions will be made.

Mobile Phones

Allowed for contact between students and home only Wednesday and Friday between 10.00 – 11.00p.m and Sunday morning between 9.30 and 10.30. (From guesthouse only)

Phones to be labelled with name and mobile number and left with the ‘Bean n’ Tí’ except as above.

No contact by phone or text messaging is allowed between students and others in the College or in the area.

Possession of a second mobile phone, by any student in the college, will be punishable by expulsion. 

Students:  Please bring with you:  (a)  Towels, soap, shampoo etc. 

                                                                 (b)  Musical instruments etc.  ( For talent competitions etc.)                                                                    

                                                                 (c)  Rainwear, swimwear, sportswear, runners, comfortable walking shoes, etc.

Pocket Money / College BankStudents are expected to lodge their pocket money in the College Bank, where money 

                                                                 will be safely kept and can be withdrawn each day as needed.  

Tours : 1. Boat Trip to the Aran Islands (or) Bus Tour to – Clifden–North Connemara...(Student’s choice).     

               2. Bus Tour of Connemara -  An Spidéal Craft Centre – Salthill - Galway. 

               3. Tour to Teach an Phiarsaigh.       {Total cost of trips = € 45)


Visits:    We invite parents and relatives to visit the Coláiste on Sundays:  11. 30 – 7.30p.m., if they wish to take out students.

                 Parents can collect students from the College between 11.30 – 12.30, with permission from the Principal Teacher.

                 Taking out any other students:  You will need to have written permission from their parents with you.

                 Visits on any other day of the week:  Only in exceptional circumstances as this interferes with organised activities.

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